Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Humans Fight Back!

I've mentioned our in-house insect woes a couple of times, but I haven't really emphasized the severity of our ant problem. There is always a steady stream of ants near our kitchen every day. The problem is compounded by the fact that the ants are really hard to see on our carpet, so we're constantly walking all over them without knowing it. When we do see them, I crouch down, pick them up with my fingers, and crumble them into pieces, but more keep coming back. We had our carpets steam cleaned and thought that might help reduce the frequency of ant sightings, but it hasn't. Our floors aren't covered in crumbs and food spills. We don't often see the ants with any food, they're just walking around.

We finally decided to try something new: the ant can. I thought that these were like roach hotels, i.e. the bug goes in and doesn't come out. Apparently, though, they act as a food/poison source. The hunter ants find them and bring the stuff back to the nest where it kills the rest. SWEET! That's the kind of killing power we were looking for.

We put down three to start off with, and within an hour ants started swarming around the cans. Check it out:

That's right, just go in the little holes.
Now DIE, you fuckers!

We'll see how well they work. If they don't, we might just have to torch the house and start over somewhere else. Or call an exterminator, I guess.

Here's this weekend's floor hockey update. My team won big, but I kind of sucked. We got down 2-0 early. The goals were a result of non-existent defense on my team's part, but the second I should have stopped. We got it to 2-1, but then I let in a pretty soft goal through the five-hole (that's between the legs). I didn't face many shots after that, and my team tied it and kept scoring, giving us a two-goal lead at the half. My team stepped up the defense some more in the second half and I faced very few shots. I let in one more weak goal that I just misplayed, but we ended up winning 9-4. I was happy with the results, but I hope I play better next week. My save percentage was probably about 60%! Ugh!

I made my wife watch the childbirth parts of Bill Cosby: Himself last night. It still makes me laugh.