Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I'm experiencing a total lack of blog inspiration lately. I'm not even stressing about it, I'm that uninspired. Nothing really happening worth mentioning, nothing that's getting my blood boiling to comment on.

I'm growing a beard, though. That's kind of exciting. I've never done it before, out of a belief that I couldn't. After 3 days without shaving when the baby came, though, it looked like it was coming in pretty well. I'm almost 2 weeks into it now, and it's looking pretty good (I think, anyway). I'll post a picture of it soon and you can judge for yourself. I'm liking it, but it does get pretty itchy sometimes and the skin underneath is very dry. That means if I'm wearing a dark-colored shirt and I scratch my neck, little flakes of skin collect noticeably on my chest.

I've started running again, and this time it's for real. I just decided Monday night that I was going to get up in the morning and run, 5 days a week, and lose this "baby" fat I've been accumulating over the last 9 months. Plus, I won't have the old "my favorite band is playing their farewell show" excuse for next year's marathon, so if I want to significantly improve my time, there's no better time to start training than right now. I'm starting out slow, just doing 3 miles a day. Saturdays will be longer, but only 4 miles for now. After two days doing it, my shins are killing me. But I've got the bug and I'm going to stick with it. Drastically changing my eating habits may take a bit longer, though.

About Rock Star: INXS - JD should win. I think the band may have already pegged him for the job but they have to play out the rest of the show. No one else comes close to doing their kind of music, and he will bring a good creative element to the band. The voting public (which apparently isn't as big as CBS had hoped) should realize that they're voting on who's best for INXS, not who they like the most. So stop voting for Marty, goddammit! His "Wish You Were Here" wasn't THAT good. It's not like you need to be a good singer to do that song. David Gilmour sure isn't a great singer.*

I was thinking today that a shirt like this would be funny for me (or guys in general) to wear, and lo and behold! someone's already selling them. Wow, they're all over the place! (here, here, and the google results) Am I late to the party, or what? I'd want mine to say "Yeah" instead of "Yes", though.

That's it. I guess I can take up space even when I have nothing to talk about. Maybe I'll have more to say after our 5 year old starts soccer tomorrow afternoon.

iPod: R.E.M. shuffle. I used my birthday money to complete my CD collection of The Police and R.E.M. backlogs, which I only had on cassette. My R.E.M. collection is pre-Out of Time. Not sure I'm going to try that hard to acquire the later stuff.

*I always thought Roger Waters sang that song, but I looked it up to make sure I didn't say something stupid, and found out it was David.