Monday, September 12, 2005

The Sports Issue

Wow, there have been quite a bit of sporting events since I last posted, and I have lots to say about them. Here's the breakdown, in chronological order.

Thursday afternoon: first soccer practice for 5 year old son. It was really cute. Our boy dressed in his soccer uniform (complete with tall socks pulled over shin guards and cleats) doing little soccer drills. What was really funny was when he wasn't running around, he would stand with his hands on his hips, which he never does. SO cute. We met some parents at the practice, who were friendly. Almost all of them already know each other because they live in the same upper-middle class neighborhood, while we are still toiling in the mixed-use commercial/residential ghetto. It's not that bad, but we can't wait until we can afford to move. Our son did well (he's never played soccer at all before) but his team has a Ringer. A 6 year old who's great at dribbling and can kick it really far. I admit, it's tough to watch another kid play better than my own. At least he's on our team, though.

Thursday night: Patriots, Baby! I came home from the practice and the Pats were up 14-10. Soon after I started watching, Collins threw a bomb to Randy Moss (who I like a lot) for a TD and I was bummed. But the stalwart Patriots immediately drove down the field to retake the lead, and never looked back. What a well-oiled machine. I'm loving it so far.

Friday night: Sawx and Yankees! The second inning was encouraging when they took the lead, but then the bats just died! That Aaron Small guy didn't really impress me, but he was effective enough. Dammit!

Saturday morning: Son's first soccer game. He played well and ran all over the field. He had a breakaway once but missed the net, and an almost breakaway another time, but missed the ball and was caught by defenders. His best plays were running back on defense and breaking up scoring chances. Once he even dove on the ground to block a shot and got hit in the head. They don't have goalies in this league, and he probably wasn't supposed to play it that way, but gotta love the hustle! And The Ringer? Dominated. The kid can make a goal from 15 yards out, by the sideline, shooting diagonally... on the run. I need to do some extra drills with my boy. (Just kidding, Sweetie!)

Later Saturday morning: Floor hockey playoff game. The Saturday league is pretty free-form, with teams changing each week, but we had a playoff game anyway. Well, I rose to the occasion! We won 7-2 and got champion t-shirts! I played really well and stopped a penalty shot. I should have had a shut-out. The first goal I let in was a really stupid play by me, and the second was a pass that everyone missed that ended up in the net. Don't know how it got through, but it shouldn't have.

Saturday afternoon: Michigan lost and Sox won big! I watched the Sox through 6 innings when they were up 8-1, left for lunch and came back to watch them close it out. Sweet stuff!

Saturday evening: Ohio State and Texas. It was painful to watch the Buckeyes go down 10-0, but glorious to watch them come back and tie it. Then the Ohio State defense took over. 3 turnovers and a total shut down of the Texas offense. It was sweet! They had it won. They SHOULD have won. They should have run up the score. But ineptitude in the red zone killed them. If the tight end didn't drop that pass in the end zone, game over. 50 yard field goal kick goes 2 feet to the left, game over. Even if they didn't commit a stupid penalty on Texas' final drive, they likely would have held them off for victory. But alas, it was not to be. I was pissed on Saturday, and still heart-broken today. The Big Ten title is still in play, and a shot at the national title is not impossible, but motherfucker! They should have won that game!

Sunday afternoon: Sox-Yankees, Part 3. Wasn't on TV, but watched the ticker at the bottom, and fuck! A one-run shutout? Disheartening. Then I watched the U.S. Open Men's Final, and what a heartbreaker that was, too! Andre Agassi, playing his heart out, taking on the "infallible" Federer. He looked like he really could win, too! Up a break in the third set, things looked really good. Even after Federer broke right back, Agassi fought him to 6 all. But the tie-breaker sealed it. It was sad to see Andre kind of give up in the 4th set, but it was great to see him give such a good match to Federer. I haven't seen a one-handed, top-spin backhand as smooth as his since Ivan Lendl, and he hits it a ton harder, too!

Sunday night: I didn't watch much football, just pockets and highlights. So I'll devote this portion to the ladies. I watched "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason". I read both books and saw the first movie, so it was kind of an imperative to see the second movie. Plus, I didn't think Lovely Wife would be down with watching "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the Extreme Unrated Edition", so I picked up Bridget for her, as well. I didn't like the second book much (way too over the top), but I liked how they adapted the story for the second movie. Augmenting Hugh Grant's sleazoid was a good move. The only thing that I couldn't believe they changed from the book that I didn't like, and which was more outrageous than the book, was the lesbian angle they played at the end. Where the hell did THAT come from? Weird.

I'm very excited to watch Harold and Kumar tonight, and not just for the unrated aspect of it.

I also found out today that I'm going to Montreal this weekend. Should be fun, but it's pretty annoying to find out on such short notice. Plus, my wife will be alone with the baby and our son for the first time. We knew we would have to deal with my business travel eventually, and now it's here. Feel free to leave comments of encouragement for her on the site. :-)

iPod: "New World Man" by Rush, "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" by Pearl Jam, "Pretending" by Michael Penn, "Splash, Turn, and Twist" by Jimmy Eat World, "Chopsticks" by Liz Phair, "Tony's Theme" by Pixies, "Wheel" by Pond", and "Firestarter" by Jimmy Eat World.