Monday, October 03, 2005

Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Nick Cage, that hammy sonofabitch, has had a child with his waitress cum wife, Alice Kim. That's not very newsworthy in itself, but did you see what they named the poor boy?

Kal-El Coppola Cage!!!!

For the uninitiated, Kal El is the Kryptonian birth name of Superman.


I mean really, WTF? Cage was slated to play The Man of Steel when they first started talking remake back in 1997 or so. The project changed writers and directors many, many times but is finally coming out next year starring the young unknown Brandon Routh and directed by thriller/superhero director extraordinaire Bryan Singer.

How "Ain't It Cool News" do I sound today? Please forgive me.

Also watched an episode of "Supernatural" last night, and it was pretty spooky, but I don't think I'll become a regular viewer. I'm not so into the traveling format, where you don't really get to know anyone. Give me "Lost" and its super character development any day! [Side note, go to The WB homepage and see how they're marketing Seventh Heaven with cleavage now!]

iPod: The City on Film shuffle.