Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I just saw what must be Idlewild's tour bus right behind my office building! I went out to do some errands and saw a bus in the alley behind my parking garage. The alley accesses the back of the club they're playing tonight. When I came back I walked around the bus to see if I could get a glimpse of Mr. Roddy Woomble, the boy-faced poet/lead singer of the band. Here are some pics:

Roddy brooding
Sporting that hip, tousled look
With the band

To tell the truth, he's the only one in the band I'd recognize. I don't even know any of the other members' names, but man do I love their music! No luck, by the way, no activity in or around the bus, no roadies unloading or anything like that. I'll make another pass after work. I'm such a geek! Wish me luck nabbing a set list tonight, too.

iPod: "Froggie" The Presidents of the United States of America", "Your Most Valuable Possession" by Ben Folds Five, "Monkey Wrench" by Foo Fighters, and "Don't Change Your Plans" by Ben Folds Five (no kidding!).