Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just, like, wow!

I've been blog surfing today, following links, reading new stuff. I don't actually have the time or energy to add new ones to my reading list (and can't think of anyone on my current list I would bump off) but it's interesting to see what else there is.

It's quite staggering how many blogs are out there. It's even more awe-inspiring when you realize how many there are that are way more better than your own. Yes, I said "way more better". Some people just lead more interesting lives and have a knack for conveying those lives in interesting and humorous ways. And they have lots of readers, too. Color me envious.

I'd like to share something interesting I found today. It's from Tim, a ViewLulu reader. I haven't read a lot of his blog, and his glib homophobic tone in the top Tuesday post isn't funny to me like it might be to a 20 year old college sophomore, but I find this post very creative, funny, and fruity (?). Enjoy.

You can probably taste my melancholy. It's not that I don't have an interesting life to write about; it's that I don't have the desire to make my life interesting. Attributing my quiet, comfortable life to being 32, having a wife, kids and financial obligations is just a convenient excuse. If I were 25, rich and single I probably wouldn't take up hang-gliding and wouldn't travel to exciting locales twice a year. I wouldn't have a band of outrageous friends with whom to excessively party. I also wouldn't own a kick-ass digital camera to take pictures of all the interesting stuff I don't do to post on here. I probably would watch a helluva lot more TV and have some kind of pay-per-view hockey service so I could watch all the Boston Bruins' games, and then I would write recaps of each game here. So you all can at least be thankful that's not the case.

I refuse to believe that this malaise, seemingly suffered conjointly by CamoGirl and Bliss, is seasonal. I LOVE Fall! Maybe I should get out in it more and that would liven things up. I've got it more than good, I've got it quite great. Maybe I should turn this site into one of those family journal blogs, write about running errands and picking the kids up at school, post pictures of everyone in their Halloween costumes, and aim for a whole different demographic. Or I could just do a fantasy sex blog. I dunno.

Not sure where this came from. I just wanted to post a link to candy figurines having sex, and out came this. Oops.

iPod: "Bury Me" by Guster, "Bitch" by Goo Goo Dolls, "Mad Lucas" by The Breeders, "(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland" by Braid, "Independence Day" by Elliott Smith, "Seen the Doctor (acoustic)" by Michael Penn, "Transistor" by 311, "Eulalia, Eulalia" by Braid, and "Coal" by Michael Penn. [Ah, the mysteries of the iPod shuffle program.]