Friday, October 14, 2005

Sweet, sweet Friday

I've been waiting a long time for this day to arrive. Wasting time at the office, pretending to work, doing little things to feel like I've accomplished something, surfing the internet endlessly, playing games, reading blogs, looking at scantily clad women... Thank God that the drudgery is finally over!

First, you must watch the new Teen Girl Squad. It's probably the best one ever. How do those guys at Homestarrunner bring the funny so consistently?

I figured out the Sub Machine game last night. I was right, there was a simple solution to my problem that didn't take a lot of time or luck. It just came to me and I finished the game lickety-split. There's another game from Gorilla Mask that I finished yesterday called Cubeoban. It's mucho fun, so try it out.

In celebrity news, I must take umbrage at the caption on this photo of Melissa Etheridge. I know she survived breast cancer and bravely lives the lesbian life, impregnating her partner with David Crosby's sperm to get a musically talented kid, but I don't think a few hit songs from one best-selling album makes her a "music legend". I'm sure when the dust settles in 20 years, even people like Usher and Britney Spears won't be considered music legends, and they've sold a lot more records. She's cancer-free now, so there's no need to coddle her delicate celebrity ego. For the record, I never liked Melissa's music.

Anyone have any movies to recommend, either in theaters or to rent? I may have some movie-viewing time this weekend.

Have a good weekend. Go Zebras (son's soccer team), Buckeyes, Bruins and Irish! (Yes, I hope they beat USC.)

UPDATE: I just got comment spam! Somehow a spammer bot found out how to post a comment to this site through Blogger (even though I now use Haloscan) and it went to my email. Here's the comment:

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How weird is that? Damn spammers! I thought I was immune.

iPod: "World is Static" by Jimmy Eat World, (a slew of songs I don't want to admit came up), "Weekapaug Groove" by Phish, "Placeholder" by Elliott Smith, "Divine Sweet Divide" by Tanya Donelly, and "The Prize" by Guster.