Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Music Tuesday

I'm taking a break from hardcore blogging today to get back on the horse of sending a friend my favorite music that she's never heard. I'm trying to bend her tastes to mine. Actually, her tastes are so expansive she eats up what I send and unfortunately still loves things like Pop and Country. [Just kidding, Lulu. Kind of. ;-)]. Oh, and I'll be doing some work, too.

Just so you don't feel totally left out, I'm sending some Belly/Tanya Donelly songs. About 22 of them, actually. Great stuff. I wish I could share it all here, but I don't have a server to host mp3s and I don't want to be sued or prosecuted for giving away tons of music. That would suck.

I saw Sin City this weekend, and liked it a lot. I thought the comic book dialog would be annoying at first, but I got into it. A very good film-comic adaptation. And violent as hell! Speaking of violent, I keep forgetting to rent Kill Bill Vol. II when I go to Blockbuster. Must remember.

"How I Met Your Mother" was very funny last night. Looking forward to "My Name Is Earl" and the Halloween "The Office" tonight. TV junkie-ism moving right along.

iPod: The City on Film shuffle.