Monday, May 22, 2006

Running out of things to say

Here's another artistic interpretation of me, this time by Lisa the Knitter.

Sporting mittens and Little Orphan Annie eyes.

She's actually met me in person, when I had my ill-advised beard.

The Desperate Housewives finale was kind of blah. The only thing I care about is what happened to Mike, and what's the deal with Orson? The Invasion finale was good, and left a big question hanging. Too bad the show probably won't come back to answer it.

I'm eagerly awaiting the 24 finale tonight! Since it's a two-hour episode, I'm guessing they're not just going to send a jet to sink the sub with a missile. Should be good. Last night I had an intense, 24-themed dream where I was Jack and went to a library to thwart some terrorist plan. When I got there, though, the terrorists were much better prepared than I had anticipated, and had a huge advantage. I exchanged fire with several of them for a while. Strangely, I had a machine gun that I was firing, but it wasn't very effective. It was like those rapid-fire BB guns you see at a carnival or amusement park game, where you try to shoot out a star shape from a piece of paper. I had to shoot some bad guy in the face for a long time before he relented. I also had a hand gun that shot normally. The quarters were very close, and I don't know how I escaped unscathed, but I shot a bunch of people and got out. I made my getaway on a bike, and for some reason I had my son with me. He didn't look like The Bear, but he was about that age. I rode away from the library, trying to avoid pursuit, and the last thing I remember was ducking into a convenience store. I think I also had a dream about the Boston Bruins. They were playing well, and Andy Moog was back in goal for them (presumably having come out of retirement). Weird.

Also, the Lost finale this week looks OFF THE HOOK!!!! Can't wait for that.

Kind of like you can't wait for worthwhile reading. ;-)

iPod: I haven't been paying attention. "Anderson Mesa" by Jimmy Eat World is on now.