Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I got what I deserve.

Which is a loss in the Blog Fight. Our worthy opponents received one more comment than my team did, so it was close. My tactic of seeking sympathy then scorn didn't work. I probably should have put the second post up earlier for the benefit of my East Coast friends. Oh well.

I'm taking the week off from running because my calf is in rough shape. It must be some kind of inflamed tendon thing, but I don't know for sure. All I know is that it feels okay when I run, but as soon as I stop, it hurts like a bitch and is hard to walk on all day. I played a little scrimmage with The Bear's soccer team yesterday afternoon and was limping afterwards. It better go away after this rest, because it's prime running season, and my weight loss has stagnated. Got to look good for the beach in June.

I know I promised Hawaii pics, but I've just been too lazy to download them onto my work computer. Each pic is between 1.5 and 2 megs, so it's a pain to email or download them, then resize them, and post them. I'll try to get some up this week. I wish I could say that they'll be worth it, but probably not.

Any American Idol fans out there? Who do you think should leave tonight, and who do you think actually will? I think it will be Kat and Elliot (my two favorites) in the bottom two tonight, with Kat leaving. She didn't do as well as the others last night, so it's time to go.

That's all. Just a boring post. Thanks, everybody, for your comments yesterday. And thanks for stopping by the site for the first time ever, Gary!

iPod: "Freeze - Part IV of 'Fear'" by Rush, "Lining Lake Michigan" by Braid, "Exhuming McCarthy" by R.E.M., and "Dead and Bloated" by Stone Temple Pilots.