Monday, May 08, 2006

Going Under the Beam

I got my LASIK eye surgery on Friday, and it went well. The process is uncomfortable in parts, like the back of a Volkswagen, but it doesn't last long. The worst part is the thing that sucks onto your eyeball to make the corneal cut. That and the bright lights shining in your eye while it's propped open and you can't close it. You don't really notice the cutting or laser part at all. Afterwards my vision was better than without glasses or contacts, but a bit iffy. By nighttime it was much better, and over the weekend it was great. Reading and looking at a computer screen is still a bit weird, and makes my eyes tired, but it seems that the procedure was a success.

In other news, I've officially been entered into a Tag Team Comment Fight. The Jinx of Spades, since he's too busy to provide any real blog content, has come up with this idea to see who can get more comments in a day. Here are the rules:

The fight begins at 12:00am EST, May 9th. You have 24 hours to arrange as comments from as many UNIQUE commentors as possible. As always, extra points for painted toes. For round 2, we're going to do something a little special.


The fighters will be set up in groups of two. Each team's comments will be totaled at the end. If someone comments on both teammates, it counts as 2 comments, so remind everyone to visit your teammate's blog as well.

My teammate is k-sra, and our victory depends on you visiting our sites and commenting, preferably on both. Don't let us down. Commenting begins tonight at midnight. I will put up another post tonight for the official Blog Fight comments. I urge all visitors, regulars and first timers, frequent readers and lurkers, to leave a comment. Your participation will be richly rewarded with the joy and satisfaction that you helped me win. What greater prize can there be?

You know what to do.

iTunes shuffle: "Broken Box" by Queens of the Stone Age, "Painting Nebraska" by Braid, "Scent of a Mule" by Phish, "Touch Me Fall" by Indigo Girls, "Time Turned Fragile" by Motion City Soundtrack, and "If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's an Addiction" by .Moneen.