Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just some stuff

1. Bye, bye, Elliott Yamin. You're a nice guy with a great voice. Hopefully not winning American Idol will mean good things for your music career.

2. This looks pretty fun, and not entirely blasphemous. Blogging the Bible. There are three entries so far, and you can find links to them on that site.

3. I received two submissions (so far) for the "Draw Me" feature. First is from Scarlet, who was admittedly influenced by JustaGirl's drawing:

Is it me, or do I look more than a little like The Simpsons' Milhouse here?

Next is from The Girl in Camouflage:

For some reason this sketch reminds me of the illustrations in old 'Dick and Jane' type reading books.

Lisa the Knitter has threatened to do one, and I eagerly await it! Anyone else is encouraged to submit a drawing, as well. It's an always-open invitiation.

iPod: My Emo Shuffle.