Tuesday, May 16, 2006

News of Note

1. This weekend I went to a show. The bill consisted of three tribute bands. The first was a tribute to Tool, and they rocked pretty hard. The second was a tribute to Rush, which I will get into in a second, and the third was a tribute to Pink Floyd, whom I've seen before and whose drummer I know. The Floyd band is good, but by the time they got on stage, the place was pretty empty and the vibe of the venue had fizzled.

As for the Rush tribute band, Coldfire, it was weird. You can't make out the members very well in the pictures on that site, but they look nothing like the members of Rush. The band is a four-piece (Rush is a trio) made up of three pudgy, middle-aged guys and a drummer who resembles Rush's legendary drummer, Neil Peart, in a vague way. The singer, who also plays keyboards, sounds a lot like Rush's singer. They were pretty good, especially considering how complex Rush's music is, but it's just surreal to see these guys playing Rush. The only real problem they had was when they played "Mission" from the Hold Your Fire album. Apparently, it was the first time they played it live, and it got pretty messy in the bridge section. The singer also messed up a lyric. So, it was a good time, but not a real "tribute" like this band, who I saw once in college. And that's all the classic rock music geek stuff for today.

2. I tried to record "24" last night, but failed because my stupid VCR was on the wrong channel. We couldn't record it with the DVR because the "Gray's Anatomy" finale was recording, so I had to record it on the antenna TV in the bedroom (Fox comes in the best on that TV). Of course, if Dish Network could just give us a dual-signal receiver for a reasonable price, then we could have recorded both at the same time. The TV is supposed to be on channel 3 all the time, and I change the channel on the VCR to make sure that what I'm watching is what's recorded. Somehow that system got changed. When I popped in the tape, eager to find out what was going to happen to Jack and Company, I got Bill Nye the Fucking Science Guy!

I just found out last night that iTunes sells Fox shows now, so I'll probably buy it instead of getting an illegal torrent download. The problem is, iTunes doesn't have it available yet. I'm probably going to have to buy "Lost" this week, too. Damn two-hour season finales! (In that case it's "The Amazing Race".)

3. Guess who I heard from yesterday, for the first time in a looonnng time. My ex-wife! It's easily been over two years since we last communicated. She emailed me looking for some information so she could fill out a passport application. How's this for a slap in the face: She needed my PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH AND MY MIDDLE NAME!!!!! The place of birth I can see forgetting, but the other two?!?! I couldn't believe it! Maybe she went to one of those "Eternal Sunshine" memory erasing clinics. I remember her birth date, even year, and middle name. I even remember where her middle name came from. Amazing. Anyway, we traded a couple emails back and forth to superficially catch up. As far as I know, she doesn't know I'm remarried with two children, and I didn't tell her. If she happens across this blog, and reads this post, she'll know who I am and know what I've done with my life romantically. That's fine. I'm not embarrassed about my wife and kids. I don't care if my ex knows or not. I just don't want to tell her in a way that makes it look like I'm rubbing it in. I'd rather she found out some other way.

iPod: No iPod today. Lovely Wife is using it for her walk because I got ripped off in eBay and couldn't get her an iPod of her own. No word on that being resolved yet. Bastards!