Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging

Sure, your kids may be cute... but are they NEENJA?

The Bear tied it on the baby's head.  Thank God he didn't do it too tight!

Here's CBK Jr. using his neenja skills to scoot his butt across the floor and eat some dog food.

I know lots of kids do this, but it grosses me out for some reason.

And something neat happened last night. I saw a commercial for the Hummer H3 that I could tell was made in Calgary. I always wonder where car commercials are filmed, and it was cool to recognize the location.

Another random thing, Eagles of Death Metal played Letterman last night, but their drummer, Josh Homme (aka the brains behind Queens of the Stone Age) wasn't playing with them. And I stayed up to see him, too. Bummer.

iPod: Nothing because I wrote this post while on an annoying work call.