Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging and Other Pictures

Here are some of CBK Jr. enjoying the beach for the first time:
We had to keep him from eating the salty sand.
He's a sand castle prodigy!

Here's The Bear after a successful boogie board run:
Totally tubular!

And here he is getting water thrown on him by Lovely Wife. This is a re-creation of a picture they did almost 4 years ago:
Lovely Wife really got into the throw.

Here are some closeup shots of my second sunburn:
I'm a sunbathing idiot!

The light covered splotch you see on the right is where the cheap-ass spray-on sunscreen ran down my back instead of covering more of my shoulder.

And here's a big, freaky spider we found in our house. It's too bad I didn't have something in the picture for perspective, like a softball. Fucker was huge!
Thankfully it never moved during the photo shoot because that would have freaked me out.

Lovely Wife and I will be conducting a census of all the lesbians in Salt Lake City this Sunday: we're going to see the Indigo Girls perform. Should be a good show, although I haven't heard any of their albums since Shaming of the Sun.

Also, Go France! "Allons enfants de la paté fois gras!" Beat those Italian pussies! Although how Italy ended the game against Germany was pretty impressive.

iPod: "Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do" by .Moneen., "Feeling the Time Pass By" by This Is Me Smiling, "No Better Way to Show You Care than a Set of Broken Legs" by .Moneen., "Matter to Matter" by This Is Me Smiling (what the hell is going on?), "Bleed American" by Jimmy Eat World, and "Nothingwrong" by Jimmy Eat World (weird pairs day, I guess).