Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A River Runs Through Me

When all you ingest is water and lemonade, you sure have to pee a whole bunch! I've been three times already today at work, and I've been holding it in so I don't have to keep making the long walk down the hall so often. The diet is going well so far. On my way into work I walked by a vacant restaurant that was being used by a film crew for catering (They're filming something in the building right next door). There were tables of food spread out, and a catering truck parked next to it. But I strode on by, not tempted at all. The hardest thing so far has been hearing the rustling of my boss' lunch bag at noon. I wasn't hungry, but the Pavlovian stimulus made me eager to eat my own lunch. So I had another cup o' lemonade at 12:30. Yum!

And thanks for your concern about oral yeast infections. While I may not totally buy that this diet cleanses the body of "toxins", I'm convinced that it doesn't harm you at all. I'm looking to do at least 10 days. But I've got a kids birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday and a Father's Day breakfast on Sunday to attend that will certainly test my will power. I'm keeping my fingers, and legs, crossed.

iPod: "Velouria" by Weezer, "Something in the Way" by Nirvana, "Foot Down" by Michael Penn, and "Burden in my Hand" by Soundgarden.