Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging - Graduation!

The Bear is officially done with Kindergarten today, and he totally kicked ass in it! He's awesome at reading and getting really good at cursive writing! I didn't touch the stuff until third grade in my shabby public school, but his private school starts 'em pretty darn early on it. He's also great at math and learning to tell time. I better stop bragging now.

Not kid related at all: I realized I was slacking in my Fan Boy duties, so I went to the Threadless t-shirt site and downloaded all the songs that Bob Nanna wrote and recorded for the shirts. There are 37 of them. I'm a total geek, but what I've heard so far is great! These will be worth something some day! (won't they?)

The store itself is pretty cool. All their t-shirts are made from public submissions that get voted on. The designs aren't the usual played, smart-alecky/shocking jokes. They're punny, esoteric, and mostly artistic. While I find some designs even more inaccessible than The New Yorker cartoons (which I love), there's some good stuff there. Too bad they sell out of designs really quickly.

Also unrelated to kids, kind of: I had two really weird dreams last night. In one, Lovely Wife traveled overseas to go on a date with someone. She was mad at me because she thought she caught me in a lie when my iPod was mysteriously playing songs over again. She thought it meant I had some device that I used to cover my tracks and hide things from her. I think she hinted in the dream that she had slept with the person. I was devastated. The feeling was very real, and very scary. In the second dream, Lovely Wife took me to a doctor's office to get a vasectomy. Apparently, the doctor was doing them in his office, without anesthesia, right in front of everyone. It was bloody, and the guys were in obvious pain, grimacing and moaning. It seemed I was always the next one up, but I never got in the chair. I asked one guy how it was after he was done, and he said something like it hurt about 3/4 of a full nut shot, but not too bad. WTF?

iPod: "Christmas Card" by Jimmy Eat World, "25" by Veruca Salt, "Drive All Over Town" by Elliott Smith, "Niagara" by Braid, "Slave" by Weezer and "Feather Pluckin" by The Presidents of the United States of America.