Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm a Big Quitter

I'm off the diet. I ended it yesterday afternoon, about a day earlier than I had planned. I just got too sick if it and the way I was feeling. I probably wasn't drinking enough lemonade the last three days. Going to a Father's Day brunch and not being able to eat some of my favorite foods didn't help, either. I ended it in the afternoon with a glass of orange juice, then a couple pieces of fruit. Later I had a banana and snacked on some popcorn Lovely Wife got me. For dinner I had vegetable soup and more fruit, and it was YUMMY! Later in the night I had more popcorn. Probably a little too much. Man, did I miss food! Weight lost: 8 pounds. I weighed in at 178 this morning. Now it's up to me to maintain and lose with good eating and exercise. I'll probably try running on Wednesday morning this week.

Another contributing factor was that I came REALLY close to ending it on Saturday night. The local NBC affiliate decided NOT to show Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals and showed a Real Salt Lake MLS game instead! I was so fucking pissed! I left a scathing comment on their website, including anti-Mormon Church rhetoric and the F-bomb (the station is owned by the LDS Church) and I wrote two blog posts about it. My damn computer at home sucks, though, and Internet Explorer crashed both times I wrote the posts, and I was too pissed to do it again. I still can't believe the station did that. Really fucking ridiculous. I watched the game stats update online, and was so mad I just wanted to eat a bunch of bad stuff. They're showing tonight's Game 7 (I should hope so!) and I'll be there to watch it. I think I'm rooting for Carolina, even though I've really enjoyed watching Edmonton this postseason.

Last night LW and I checked out the Da Vinci Code/ Amazing Race rip-off show "Treasure Hunters" on NBC. It's pretty good. The best thing about it, though, was that I had a KICK ASS treasure hunting dream last night because of the show! In it I was in a large group trying to figure out clues and race to cool places. At one point I was ostracized from the group for being snobby and snotty, but then I pled my case to them and everything was cleared up. Later LeBron James (who was apparently on my team) bad mouthed me, so I jumped him from behind, pinned him and shoved his face in the ground while giving him a talking to. I told him that I knew he was going to kick my ass afterward, and that I would feel as defeated and embarrassed as he was with me on top of him, and that maybe after that we could get past things and get along. But then, after we got up, I kicked HIS ass! It was weird! Then I went away, and he came to find me and we made up. After that I remember I got some big clues for my team, but then the damn alarm clock went off. Why can't those dreams start at 1 am and last 6 hours?!?!? Motherfucker!

iPod: "Kitchenware and Candybars" by Stone Temple Pilots, "These Apples (live) by Barenaked Ladies, "M.I.A." by Foo Fighters, "Star" by Belly, and "Man, It's So Loud in Here" by They Might Be Giants.