Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Come out, come out, whoever you are!

I'm an adult. I can take criticism in the blogosphere (not as well from my wife). If you want to criticize something I'm doing, that's fine. I welcome the free exchange of ideas here. I won't take it personally. So, if you leave a comment that's less than laudatory, please don't do it anonymously. I'm not going to hold anything against you. Plus, I'm going to find out who left it, anyway. ;-)

To answer your concerns: I am SO not a fad diet person. I learned about this from my New-Agey mother in law, who has done it a few times. Like I said, I don't really buy the "cleansing your body of all ills" properties of the diet. I just like to get a little obsessive sometimes to counteract my lack of discipline. I'm all for eating less and getting regular exercise. That's what I was doing before this diet, just not enough to lose more weight. I'm only doing this diet to get to a good base weight before I travel to Florida and get exposed to tons of food paid for by someone else. After that I plan on eating and exercising to maintain my weight below 180, trim the fat, and build some studly muscle. And because Lovely Wife won't be getting pregnant again (and I won't gain sympathy weight with her) I feel I can do it.

As for the healthiness of this diet, maybe it's not so great, but I've done it twice with no adverse effects. I probably should do the salt water flushes to get rid of the gunk in my system, but I can't get the stuff down. It stems from a practical joke my friends played on me in college. While I was away from the table in the dining hall, they saturated my glass of water with salt. I took a big swig and nearly puked. To this day, it's hard for me to drink plain water without it (psychosomatically) tasting a bit salty. Since I'm not concerned with the organic qualities of the diet, maybe I'll just take a pill laxative, or some of that orange Metamucil stuff. Where's Colon Blow when you need it?

How many bowls?!?!?!

Diet Progress: Day 2 of The Diet is one of the toughest. I woke up this morning and was pretty hungry. I've had two cups and am doing pretty well. Weight was down 2 pounds this morning from yesterday. Did 100 crunches last night and that went well.

Lovely Wife and I enjoy NBC's "Last Comic Standing", but the casting for the finalists this year is a total farce. They put in about 5 or 6 unfunny people (and the others aren't really the funniest) just for the personality clashes that will arise from cohabitation. Disgraceful. Lose the premise of finding the funniest person if all you want is catfighting in a house. You can call the show "Catfight" or something.

In conclusion, show yourselves, please. I won't bite.

iPod: "Futures" by Jimmy Eat World, "Death's Alright With Me" by The Dead Milkmen, "The Wild Wild Sea" by Sting, "Mistake" by Athenaeum, "They Might Be Giants" by They Might Be Giants, "All Hail Me" by Veruca Salt, and "The Other Way" by Weezer.