Thursday, June 15, 2006

Couple o' things

Diet Progress: Weight down about 2.5 pounds from yesterday, 4.5 total. Feeling okay, a bit hungry but it's about time for "lunch". Did 60 pushups last night. I may walk 3 miles with Lovely Wife tonight. I'm thinking that I'll only do this through the weekend. That should be good enough.

Last night was a challenge because I went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, and was surrounded by pizza. It looked and smelled really good, but by all accounts it didn't taste that good. The cake was pretty bad, too, apparently. All I had was water and by the time we left I was pretty damn hungry. I went almost 4 hours without a drink of lemonade.

Speaking of last night, what a hockey game! I DVRed the game. At about 9, when recording was supposed to stop, I asked Lovely Wife to turn on the TV and see if it went to overtime. Thanks goodness I did. She recorded that, too, but before I could sit down to watch the game, our Canadian neighbor came over and kind of ruined it for me after Edmonton scored. I still watched the whole game, though. Great game, great finish! I'll be very interested to see how NBC does in the ratings on these broadcasts.

Turns out the movie that was being filmed right next to our office building is a major picture starring some real stars. The name of the film is Dark Matter, and stars Val Kilmer and Meryl Streep! I didn't see either of them, though. My boss was trying to leave the building and got stopped in the lobby. They were filming right outside on the sidewalk and wouldn't let him leave. I'll definitely have to see the flick now and see if that footage made it to the final cut.

iPod: "The Shadow" by Tanya Donelly, "Roll the Bones (live)" by Rush, and "Song for the Deaf" by Queens of the Stone Age.