Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging

He's crawling! CBK Jr. is crawling, and the terror has begun. He makes a B-line for the dog food whenever he can see it, and zips away to grab something he shouldn't whenever Lovely Wife turns her back for a second. Under my supervision he grabbed the dog's water dish and poured water all over himself and the floor. Obviously, I need some practice.

LW got some video of some of his earliest crawling, but I haven't uploaded it, and it also only shows him from behind. I'll get something up soon.

Today, though, the focus is on The Bear and his last soccer game (which was a couple weeks ago). Here he is breaking away from the pack and scoring one of his goals. Keep your eye on the redhead in the back.

You can see his teammates standing around, but he never stops moving. When we were watching the last US World Cup game he said, "Come on! They're not even trying!" because they weren't running around everywhere like he does. We had to explain that it's a big field, and people play in certain positions so they don't have to run all the time.

I'm also going to give the answer to the last remaining movie quotes here:

4. Why are you shaking me off?
I want to give him the heat and announce my presence with authority.
Strikeouts are boring. Besides that, they're fascist. These are from "Bull Durham". E McPan correctly "deductivized" the answer.

6. Well you got it all wrong. Muddy Waters invented 'lectricity. This one's from "Crossroads" starring Ralph Macchio as a virtuoso guitar player. It's NOT the Britney Spears film vehicle of the same name (which was apparently written by the creator of "Grey's Anatomy"). I love this movie! It's been years since I've seen it. Must rent it soon.

iPod: "Guyute" by Phish, "So. Central Rain" by R.E.M., "In Between" by Josh Rouse, "Mistake Pageant" by Idlewild, and "Seether" by Veruca Salt.