Monday, January 23, 2006

I've Been a Bad, Bad Blogger.

I'm sorry. But I've got a slew of things to post today. That's right, I said a "slew"! Lucky you. First of all, Operation Meet a Blogger, Missions 2,3, and 4 went off very successfully last week. I met Rachel from Blarg, Lisa the Knitter, and The Sarcastrix for dinner and conversation and had a great time. There were only one or two awkward moments when things almost got heated, but that was my fault. Silly me, believing in the concept of Time. I kid. We talked of things serious and light, political and religious, coworkers and family, and affairs of the heart both human and canine. And then we munched on a big waffle covered with ice cream, syrup, and lemon wedges.

As promised, Rachel baked me a cake. Counter to her primary indications that only half would be coming my way, she gave me the whole damn thing! Mind you I was in a hotel room, and it was the night before check out. Here is the cake:


And Holy Chocolate was it yummy! I did my best to eat it all, much to my innards' chagrin, but ended up wrapping most of the rest in foil and packing it in my suitcase. I left about a quarter of it for the cleaning woman, nice guy that I am. I gave some to my wife and now she wants the recipe. So Rachel, thank you so much and can you please hook us up?

I want to thank all three of my hipster Toronto blogging friends for meeting a strange guy from Utah and indulging his curiosity and verbosity. If you're up for it, I'll let you know the next time I'm in town.

Now for the part I know at least The Jinx of Spades has been waiting for: PICTURES!!! That's right, I snapped some photos of the three bloggers with what turned out to be a pretty crappy camera phone. If you turn up the brightness on your screen and squint, you can kind of make out the outlines of their faces. Good luck photoshopping these, Jinx. ;-)

(Click on pic to see a uselessly bigger version)

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Rachel (She's smiling. She's usually smiling.)

Image hosting by TinyPic
Lisa (If you can't make her out, she often posts her picture on her site.)

Image hosting by TinyPic
The Sarcastrix (She's trying to obscure her face with a beer glass. Sadly no tabloids thought this image good enough for even a small fee.)

I was also glad I had the camera phone because I thought I would be returning home on Sundance Friday, like last year. You may recall I saw Rob Schneider and Hippy Dan from The Apprentice in the airport. I was going to get photographic proof this year (and hopefully some bigger names). My connecting flight out of Chicago got cancelled, however, and I ended up staying over in the Toronto Airport Sheraton and returned home Saturday morning, when there were no celebrities to be seen.

I'll get to the rest of the slew later, but now I have to attend to at least a little work. See you soon.