Monday, January 09, 2006

The Brilliant and the Maddeningly Inane

The Brilliant:

Last week's "Arrested Development" episode. I didn't hear anyone talking about it, but it was hilarious! I was rolling at the cancellation barbs and sitcom gimmick sendups. I hope it gets picked up by a network I can get on my TV. I don't think my wife will go for subscribing to Showtime just for that show. Fingers crossed.

The Maddeningly Inane:

"I just think (pulling the show) tells the young people especially that maybe there is something wrong with this show." - Gayle Ruzicka, president of the conservative Utah Eagle Forum.

That quote comes from the article Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain', which shouldn't have come as a surprise in this state, but it still pisses me the hell off! I propose a Kiss-In! All gay Utahns should meet at Jordan Commons on Friday night and make out in front of the theater. If they're so angry about the screening of a movie about gay men, a movie no one has to see, let's see how they feel about being forced to witness gay people kissing. Fucking stupid, narrow-minded bastards!

Another thing about that quote: for some reason a lot of people in Utah call movies "shows". As in, "Hey did you like "The Singles Ward"? "Yeah, it was a good show." There are a few things like that out here that are weird. "Scones" are actually deep fried lumps of dough. Instead of "Oh my God" people say "Oh my Hell"or "Oh my heck" if you're Mormon. The NBC TV and radio affiliates, the two major newspapers, and lots of commercial property are owned by the Mormon Church. Just weird.

Otherwise I'm still sick, and now have an ear infection. I haven't had one of those since Freshman year of college. I hate the stuffy ear feeling. Blech!

iPod: "Go On Drone" by Hey Mercedes, "Number 11" by The City on Film, "The Passing of America" by Moneen (I've finally ordered their 2 albums and an EP, can't wait for them to get here!), "Killing a Camera (live)" by Braid, "Collect Call from Clark Kent" by Braid, and "Hold Me Down" by Motion City Soundtrack.