Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm the opposite of front!

Back, that is. After a nice long trip visiting family, and a day home sick from a bug I caught from a niece and/or nephew, I'm back at work. But the prospect of catching up on all the blogging I've missed is quite daunting, so I may not bother reading what you all wrote the last week and a half. Sorry. I'm also going to be pretty busy at work the next few weeks. For you Toronto readers, I'm coming to your town in about 2 weeks. Mark your calendars!

My vacation trip was great. Lots of people adoring our little CBK Jr. While in Massachusetts, we were staying at the same hotel where the 1985 New England Patriots were having a reunion. It's the 20th anniversary of being humiliated by the Bears in the Super Bowl. I didn't recognize anyone, though, but it was still cool. Okay, maybe not.

I'll try to write something a little more substantial later, but right now I have a meeting.

iPod: "I'm Afraid of Everything" by Braid, "Scientific" by Jimmy Eat World.