Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Yeah, I've got a case of the old bloggin' blues. Can't think of anything to write about, so I'll just steal from Gorilla Mask.

This video is super cool. Check it out.

This "enigma" is hella lame. I wasted a bunch of time on it yesterday and last night, and another puzzle it stole liberally from. It's not really a puzzle that you use reason to figure out. It's more an arbitrary construct of images with lame clues that is near impossible to figure out without the condescending hints provided by the creators and their moderator cronies. And before you condemn my review as mere bitterness at not figuring it out, try it for yourself. If I was in college and never went to class, I'm sure I'd spend the requisite amount of time to solve the damn thing. It's not about brain power, it's about time investment and back-bending to the whim of the game's designer. Not my cup of tea at this time of my life, thank you.

I heard a song on a website today, "You've Made Us Conscious" by The Audition, and kind of liked it. It's like a lot of the emo-rock stuff out these days, like Fall Out Boy and these bands, but had a good rockin' hook so I decided to find out more about them. I watched the video for it and OMG LOL*, the band is pretty ridiculous. The usual emo flunkies playing instruments, but an altogether new creature singing. Honestly, he looks like Steven Cojocaru imitating Mick Jagger. In the video you can see him trying to contain his Fabulousness, much to the dismay, I'm sure, of the director who wanted to add a cool, edgy message video to his credit. Music is kind of depressing today. It's this rock stuff for kids, a bastardization of the good rocking emo from late 90s - early 00s, and weird and moody stuff like The Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie for the grown ups. As my older brother put it over the holiday, I'm in a the wrong time right now. Bummer

iPod: My good emo playlist, with some new City on Film that came yesterday.

*Used ironically.