Monday, January 23, 2006

Handy MF

More self-congratulatory tales of home improvement, where I brag about performing a relatively simple task in a mere 5 hours. This time it's about a ceiling fan. Check out this beauty!

I'm the man!

The fan part wasn't so hard. Apart from worrying whether the wiring was done right and wouldn't explode when I flipped the switch. The hard part was putting a 2x4 between the ceiling joists to support the weight of the fan. Getting up into our attic/crawlspace isn't very fun to begin with. Crouching on the beams, ducking under the roofing nail tips, and breathing insulation to awkwardly pound nails horizontally makes it that much more challenging. Then I realized that the piece of wood I just drove to Home Depot for and partially nailed in was too short. So I climbed back down, drove back to HD, and got a piece a half inch longer. That did the trick, and it was smooth sailing from there. Man, I'm such a drama queen. Er, um, I mean king.

Next up: installing a storm door. I'll have to cut the side frame pieces a bit shorter and cut out a spot for the door bell, because I sure as hell ain't moving that.