Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Grandpa Blogging

I didn't have anything prepared for Friday Kid Blogging today, plus I've been a bit busy in the office.

I found out yesterday that my grandfather, my mom's dad, died at 93. He was father to 9 children, and to more grandchildren and great-grandchildren than I can count. He was a doctor and a WWII veteran from the Navy. He served in the South Pacific as an underwater demolitionist, and apparently was also briefly part of a unit that became the OSS (which became the CIA). I'm hoping to learn a lot more about his military service this weekend when I travel to the funeral. He was, by all accounts, a great man who lived a long and full life. I met him several times, but never really got to know him. My family was always more distant from them (both literally and figuratively) than the rest of my mom's siblings.

The large throng of his progeny that congregates this weekend will celebrate his life and legacy proudly.