Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Warning Sign

It's no secret that blogging has disrupted my professional life and productivity, but now it's interfering with my regular life! How'd that happen? Today I missed a hair appointment and last week I missed an eye appointment, just sitting at my desk, doing nothing. I just plum forgot about them. In my (weak) defense, I was the only one in my office today at the time of my appointment, which was noon. So I was hungry and eager to eat my lunch, and also subconsciously felt that I shouldn't leave the office unattended. Then at 12:45 I finally remembered. In blogging's defense, I wasn't actually blogging when I forgot about the appointment today. I was doing trivia quizzes and then IMing with a friend. I finished reading blogs much earlier in the day. Jesus, what a lazy ass I am! At least I ran again yesterday afternoon, and this morning I was rewarded for it with one less pound on my weight.

On a very tangentially-related note (because I mentioned the eye appointment above), I'm back to having four eyes instead of two. I'm getting Lasik eye surgery, and I need to keep contacts out of my eyes for two full weeks before my pre-surgical exam. So I dusted off the old specs and got new lenses put in them. I hadn't updated my glasses' prescription ever, I don't think. I got them around 1998 and before the new lenses they were about as helpful as if I held a piece of wax paper over my face. But now I can see with them, and I'm getting used to the sensation of wearing them. I've run with them on twice, and that worked out okay, but I'll be glad after the surgery when I'm glasses and contact free. That's when living will REALLY begin for me.

Yeah, right. But I'll be happy for the convenience, and my wife will be happy that if something goes bump in the night, I won't be fumbling with glasses or contacts before I can bravely protect my family.

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