Friday, March 31, 2006


I guess ambiguities always come up when dealing with rules. In the initial CD Game post I had this rule:

3. I encourage you to include as much information about the track as you want, or can find. Extra credit may come into play to break a tie. Whatever you want to include will be welcome, but don't knock yourselves out too much. I don't need the name of the assistant engineer from the recording session.

That passage implies that extra credit info will be considered when breaking a tie. Since receiving some game submissions, however, I've been scoring with extra credit on a track-by-track basis, including it in the total score. This could lead to someone who missed some vital track or artist info getting a higher score than someone who got everything right but who didn't include any extra credit info.

Seeing as I added the concept of Extra Credit to the game because I was hoping to benefit from Extra Credit in the last round hosted by Graculus, where I was sure there was going to be a tie, Extra Credit will only break a tie between people who have the same base score based on their answers for title and artist.

I hope this doesn't cause any problems, but it seems the most consistent and fair way to do it.