Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging

Today's been a little annoying, filled with computer problems, so I'm getting to blogging late. I want to apologize for yesterday's post. In it, I said that Lovely Wife did some funny things, but when I relayed those things in the post, it wasn't at all funny. I don't know what happened.

Every morning, when I get up to run, LW brings CBK Jr. into bed with her. Usually after my run, I'll get The Bear up and he'll get into bed with the other two. Sometimes he gets up by himself and joins them before I'm done. The morning of this picture both boys were very sleepy, so LW let them stay in bed a while longer before breakfast.


The CD Game is rolling along. One person has already sent in her answers, and another has submitted a partial tracklist. I'm still waiting to hear from a couple players that they received the CD. Sorry the mail is taking so long to you Canadian folks.

iPod: Symphony No. 4, 3rd Movement and Symphony No. 1, 2nd Movement by Beethoven.