Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I know this is mean, but...

I'm starved for material.

I was skimming Yahoo Personals today, trying to complete the next installment of Real Beautiful Women (remember that?), when I stumbled across this striking woman:

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And when I say "striking" I mean slightly frightening. I'm not calling her ugly. I'm sure she's a very nice woman who would really like to meet that special someone. It's who she resembles (to my eye) that frightened me. Who does she look like to you?

Tell me in the comments. I'm curious if you see the same thing I did.

iPod: Symphony No. 7 (not sure which movement) by Jean Sibelius, Symphony No. 3, Movement No. 5, by Roy Harris, and Choral Fantasy in C by Ludwig van Beethoven(That's right, breaking out the classical! You can thank Scarlet for that.)