Monday, March 20, 2006

Wanna Play The CD Game?

The Weird Bird Guy started a game on his blog, simply titled The Game, that I am now passing on to you all. Basically, if you want to play, I send you a mix CD I made. You then try to identify the title and artist of each song and email me the track listing. I won Grac's round, and now it is my duty and privilege to begin another round. I have the CD all set. It has 20 tracks. The rules are as follows:

1. I will mail you the CD. Upon receipt, email me to tell me you have it. I will then start your clock for turning in your track list. You have 48 hours to email me your answers.

2. You can use a variety of resources to identify the tracks: your own mind, internet, friends, etc. I have verified that all of the tracks can be identified, some more easily than others.

3. I encourage you to include as much information about the track as you want, or can find. Extra credit may come into play to break a tie. Whatever you want to include will be welcome, but don't knock yourselves out too much. I don't need the name of the assistant engineer from the recording session.

4. If you would like to play, send me an email to with your name and mailing address by 5 pm Mountain Time on Friday, March 24. I don't need all your information, just enough to get it to you. If you only want to give me a work address or PO Box and a nickname, that's fine. I will not divulge any of the information you give me to anyone at all.

5. The winner will receive a fabulous prize, which has yet to be determined. It may be some kind of Utah souvenir, but won't be lame.

6. For my own curiosity, but not for extra points, please note on your responses which songs and/or artists you recognized just by listening to the CD. I chose many non-album tracks (B-sides, soundtrack and compilation tracks) in an attempt to introduce the players to some lesser-known stuff.

7. I understand that people have different tastes in music, but I hope that you enjoy most if not all of my selections if you get a chance to hear them.

I have two players so far, and I know they will welcome more competition. Sign up soon!