Monday, March 20, 2006

In Poor Taste

A long time ago I had a feature on this blog where I would post the amusing subject lines of my spam emails. That didn't last long, but today I would like to share a spam message I received this morning.

Subject: Secret to attracting beautiful women!

Don't be left behind!Millions of men are already benefiting from using pheromonsto attract women - without them you are at a disadvantage!Don't let the other guy get the girl.Arm yourself with Ultra Allure pheromones tonight!Check out the site for yourself:

And then there's a large space until it concludes with this:

chugging you exhale me, vermeil chink spree . application you helmut me, oatmeal lap .delectate you igor me, jones . armstrong you sadism me, arty buchanan. hypnotic you debase me, guardhouse hermite hove copernican . digestible you sima me, dallas atwood fluent audiotape

That's very weird, but not terribly exceptional. Until you see who it's from:

"Elliott Smith"

I didn't know that these scum spammers were using the names of DEAD celebrities to lure you to click on their links. It's bad enough when they use the names of people who are still alive, but this crosses a whole other line. Maybe I'm just too sensitive because I'm an Elliott fan, but it really pissed me off, and I thought I'd share it with you all. What fuckers!

iPod: "King of Pain" by The Police, "First It Giveth" by Queens of the Stone Age, and "Grace Car, Part One" by Braid.