Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I like to be precise, and to acknowledge my mistakes. It seems that in my attempt at being humorous I fell victim to overstatement. I used the word "pedophilia" to describe the situation where a Boy Scout performs cunnilingus on a Brownie, who is a girl younger than a Boy Scout. While the definition of "Pedophilia" can include the sexual attraction of an adolescent to a younger child, there are two problems with my use of that word.

1. "Molestation" would have been a better word to describe the act, because Pedophilia describes a mental condition, thought to be incurable, and is a much more narrow term than "molestation". All pedophiles molest, but not all molesters are pedophiles. I'd draw the Venn Diagram, but I don't want to take the time in MSPaint.

2. Considering the age at which I was told the joke (by our "good friend" M. Deutsch, Jade) and the likely context implied by the joke (as graciously pointed out by The Girl in Camouflage) "Sexually Acting Out" would have been the most accurate term for the act performed by the disturbed, wayward Scout.

I apologize for being loose with the terminology.

But you have to agree, "pedophilia" is funnier than "sexually acting out". I mean, c'mon!

Post Script 1: Apparently I can also succumb to prolonged sarcasm. I assure you that it is directed solely at my wife, who challenged my use of the word, and not at TGIC.

Post Script 2: It takes a brave man to do Google searches on "What is pedophilia" and "sex between young children". I hope the FBI can keep an open mind.