Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm trying to keep up some momentum here

So I'm writing a post.

I can't help but get really jealous at the weird things that happen to other bloggers. I love reading about the silly, scary, funny, crazy things that go on in their lives, and I wish I had some similar experiences to relate to you guys.

But as it is, this is my life:

- Get up and reluctantly run on my treadmill in the garage. (Except this morning. I wimped out.)
- Wake up The Bear and get him in bed with Lovely Wife and CBK Jr. to snuggle.
- Shower, dress, eat breakfast.
- Supervise The Bear getting ready for school, wring hands as he loses focus and goofs off. (BTW, The Bear goes to a private school, so that's why he wears ties, but only on Thursday and Friday.)
- Drive The Bear to school and drive to work.
- Sit at my desk, play trivia quizzes, make some phone calls, and draft some letters.
- Wonder if I have anything to blog about today.
- Eat lunch while surfing the web.
- Wait out the rest of the day, minimizing productivity.
- Drive home, eat dinner, probably watch some cartoons with The Bear.
- Watch TV shows with Lovely Wife.
- Watch some more TV while Lovely Wife goes to bed.
- Go to bed.

There's never any strange phone calls or visits, hilarious hi-jinks while out on the town, creepy old men hitting on me and/or my wife, animals doing entertaining things, or any other particularly amusing characters that would make for a good, funny blog post.

Now, I'm not complaining about my life, I have a great life. I'm complaining about the lack of good blogging material my life offers me. I wouldn't want to change my life, but if some funny stuff could happen to me while I was living it, that would be welcome. I'm certainly not the type to over-stretch a mundane experience into an attempt at hilarity with excessive use of hyperbole. I'd rather life threw hyperbole at me than me have to make it myself.

I'd also rather win my own damn quiz every day! I guess competition is good, though.

Okay, here's something weird: The Hairy Lobster (not a euphemism).

And Invasion is getting good, right before ABC takes it off in favor of another stupid crime procedural. Bastards!

iPod: "Jimmy Go Swimmer" by Braid, "Haven't Been This Happy" by Hey Mercedes, "The Middle (Demo Version)" by Jimmy Eat World, "Opener" by Jimmy Eat World, "So Excited to Sleep" by This Is Me Smiling, "Trials" by The City on Film, and "Lucky Denver Mint" by Jimmy Eat World.