Wednesday, March 08, 2006


1. Anyone watch 24 on Monday? I couldn't believe the ending. It was one of the great endings of an episode, especially how they silenced the clock beeps. It reminded me of the ER episode when David Krumholz's psychotic law student attacked Carter and Kellie Martin's character. Very powerful stuff. Poor Edgar!

2. I am in love with Brown 'N Serve Sausage. Yummm!!!!!
It bears repeating: yummm!!!!!

3. The Boston Bruins MUST have the most one-goal-margin games in the NHL this season. Too bad they've lost more than they've won. Bye bye playoffs. [sniff]

4. I don't mean to brag, but I had one hell of a fantastic Nooner today. Aww yeahhhh!

5. The title of this post is not a real word.

6. Did I mention the sausage? Oh yeah.

7. The Bear's birthday party is at a pool this Saturday, and I don't want to go in the water because I'll have to take my shirt off and present my flab to the world, but my wife is making me so I can play with CBK Jr. in the water.

8. My wife's not really making me do it, and she'll be angry that I said she is.

9. This is the ninth item on this list.

10. I wish more people were consistently playing the Daily Brain Squeeze (link on right). Especially Daisy, but at least she has a good excuse.

11. I only included numbers 6 and 9 above so I could have 10 items on the list.

iPod: "Rockstar" by Jimmy Eat World, "My Life" by Braid, "Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday" by Hey Mercedes, "Carbon Scoring" by Jimmy Eat World, "Boy Destroyers" by Hey Mercedes, and "Que Shiraz" by Hey Mercedes.