Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging

1. The Bear got some birthday money, and Lovely Wife took him shopping. At the entrance to the store, he noticed the vending machines that sell lots of crap and candy. He always wants to buy stuff from those, and LW decided to indulge him on his birthday. He chose to get some jewelry from the "Bling" machine. This is what he got:
It's hard out here for a pimp.
He decided to put on the birthday crown when I got the camera out. He's such a ham. (The yellow stain is from a large gum ball he bought for himself. We do wash our kids' clothes, in case you're wondering.)

And close up:
He's all about the cash money, baby.

Last week he put on some plastic rings, a baseball hat sideways, and said to LW, "What up?" We were afraid that ghetto culture was invading his Christian private school, but he told us he saw it on a commercial. Now there's a Moebius Strip for you: Ad agencies put stuff they think kids will like in their commercials, but kids end up liking it because they see it on TV, so they propagate the images. LW told him that's how "gangbangers" dress, but I'm not sure he got the concept. I don't think we need to worry, though, because he's also been fascinated by the commercials for the mermaid movie "Aquamarine".

2. CBK Jr. learned how to do a new trick with his mouth!

He did it for about two days, and had us rolling, but then he stopped. Now he likes to make noises like a baby Wookie and like R2D2.