Monday, April 03, 2006

How Apropos

How's this for an appropriate metaphor for my blog lately?

If you have a tumbleweed in your yard...
You might be a redneck, or live near the desert.

Yep, that's a tumbleweed. It's a gen-u-wine round, sun-bleached, thorny bush and I found it in our yard this weekend. It must have blown over the fence a couple weeks ago during one of our high-wind weekends. Perhaps that's how the large, white dog crap got in, too. We have two chihuahuas who shit much smaller and darker than that. I can't think of how it got in, because it seems very unlikely that some large dog with Hepatitis jumped our fence, took a dump, and then jumped back out. The fence is about 4 feet high. Very weird.

The brown stuff on the lawn is peat moss (genuine Canadian Sphagnum, whatever that means). We seeded the many, many bare spots on the lawn this weekend in hopes of restoring some sense of lushness to our pitiful back yard. Fingers crossed.

Did you happen to notice the vibrant colors in the photos, though? That's because I took the pictures with our fabulous new digital camera! We had been taking pictures with our Sony mini-DV camcorder, and weren't pleased with the quality of the pics. We found out recently that the digital camera part only had 1 megapixel. So we got a Fuji Finepix F10, for super cheap at Sam's Club, and it's great so far. It has 6.3 Megapixels, and lots of cool shooting features. So expect higher quality Kid Blogging pictures soon!

As for The CD Game, there's not much to report. Two people only had time to submit partial lists, two dropped out completely due to lack of time [planning a 1 year-old's birthday party? That was a pretty weak one ;-)], and the three Canadians haven't even received their CDs yet. I've got two full submissions, one of which is Lovely Wife's, and she's not eligible to win. Don't feel bad for her, though, because she's been eating the extra taffy with me. I'd like to say that the people who haven't completed their lists can have more time, but 1) that's not really fair to the Canadians, and 2) they probably don't really care enough to use that time.

Finally got in a weekend run yesterday, 4.5 miles. It felt good to do, but I'm tired and a bit sore today. I'm looking forward to increasing my distance again. I also got on the scale today and didn't lose any weight from last week's weigh-in. Damn!

iPod: "Long Slow Goodbye" by Queens of the Stone Age, "All the Wrong Notes" by The City on Film, "Alpha Beta Parking Lot" by Cake, "New Kid on the Block" by Barenaked Ladies, "Kitchenware & Candybars" by Stone Temple Pilots, "Ten" by Jimmy Eat World, and "Tales of a Scorched Earth" by Smashing Pumpkins.