Monday, February 20, 2006

It's over.

Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

Baby got back! No, I'm not calling myself an ass face.

It's the end of a short-lived era. I was pretty weirded out when I saw my face for the first time after the beard was gone. Even going down to the "McGwire" didn't prepare me for what I would look like. It appears my face got fatter while I had a beard, too. Blah!

Vegetable Medley also wants to know what I think of USA hockey. Well, I'll say the obvious about both the Men's and Women's teams: they can't score. They're creating lots of chances, but aren't putting the puck in the net. Sure, there's good goaltending to contend with, but the quality chances aren't there. Jason Blake can't seem to put a shot on net despite several good chances given to him. Erik Cole is playing his heart out, but never gets the puck in front to score. Mike Modano is the #1 playmaker on the team, but the opposing defense is frustrating him too much to get a lot of good chances. Keith Tkachuk and Doug Weight just aren't playing that well, and the defensemen aren't providing much offensive help. Where are younger Brian Leetch and Phil Housley when you need them?

There are some bright spots, though. Brian Rolston, free agent mistake #1 by the Bruins, is having a great tournament, and might be more productive with more dynamic linemates. Too bad he's so valuable on the power play and penalty kill that you can't skate him too much at even strength. Mike Knuble, free agent mistake #2 by the Bruins, is woefully underused. Put him in front of the net instead of Weight and Tkachuk, and you'll see more quality chances and more goals. And Chris Drury, hopefully a future Bruins free agent signing, should also be on the ice a lot more to make things happen. DiPietro's goaltending has been very good. I can't blame him on any of the goals that have gone in, and I expect he'll get the start against Russia.

As for the women, I don't know what happened against the Swedes because I didn't watch the game. I'm bummed that my satellite provider doesn't give MSNBC as part of our package, so I can't watch the Bronze Medal game.

And the sport that I've been most surprised to watch and enjoy: Curling! It's been really cool watching the young Men's and Women's teams from the US. And how much does the US Skip Pete Fenson look like Edward Norton? It's uncanny.

Loved you in 'Death to Smoochie', Ed. Go for the Gold, Brother!

That all for this President's Day. And don't forget that the Brain Squeeze starts up again today!