Monday, February 06, 2006

Meet my Evil Twin

Astute readers may have noticed this subtle, foreshadowy phrase in the previous post:

"If you liked my beard...."

That's right, past tense! While I liked how my beard looked from the front, I saw a picture of myself from the side and it was pretty awful. The sides just didn't grow in enough, so I did this:

It's a rough draft. It'll look better.

Or maybe an Evil Me came through a dimensional door, killed the Good Me, and took over posting on this blog. (Any similarity to Star Trek and/or South Park purely intentional.) If that's the case, it sure was nice of Evil Me to add that link for The Bawdy Cloister. Have you gone there yet? Well get goin'!

I'm not sure I like it that much. I look too much like some of my brothers, who have a long history of sporting the Modern Goatee.* And the maintenance is worse than having no facial hair at all. But Lovely Wife likes it, and my 5 year old son's fears of it making me look like a bad guy didn't come to fruition, so I'll keep it a little while.

And that's the Facial Hair update.

iPod: I'm really spacing out, not hearing it at all while typing. Right now it's "Push Me, Pull Me" by Pearl Jam.

* I'm making up this term since it's not really a goatee, but it's also not really a Van Dyck. Maybe we should just call it the McGwire or the Caminiti.