Friday, January 27, 2006

Manly Yogurt Submission #1

Rachel from Blarg has submitted a very impressive and clever suggestion for a more manly yogurt container. Rachel's cleverness is what attracted me to her blog in the first place, when she re-wrote some Christmas carols with cynical lyrics decrying the insane amounts of spending that goes on during the holiday season. What I didn't know was just how proficient her MSPaint skills were. I've been impressed by her drawings before, but I have absolutely no idea how she made this:
Wonder why they couldn't squeeze in that last 1%.
Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, even though she hasn't solved the feminine container shape problem, she's WAY in the lead in the contest for designing what I'm going to call Mangurt. Anyone else have some Paint or Photoshop abilities they'd like to apply to this endeavor? Manly flavor recommendations are also welcome.

UPDATE: I just came to the realization (in the men's room) that Brogurt is a much better name.