Thursday, February 09, 2006

Short TV Post

I'm busy, busy, busy today doing work, trying to make up for my Photoshop vacation earlier this week. So I've just got a few things to say.

"Lost" is awesome, but my DVR didn't record the last couple minutes of the show last night! Anyone know what happened during Sawyer's flashback at the end? I saw Sawyer get in the car, start counting Mississippis, and then walk back in the house. And then it stopped! Aaarrrggghhh!

"Invasion" isn't nearly as awesome as "Lost", but it's very cool and freaky. Last night's ep had a great twist, with some compassion thrown in. And the end was a very good surprise that will set the stage for new things to happen. TOO BAD ABC IS THROWING IT TO THE LIONS WHILE IT DEBUTS A NEW COP SHOW! You bastards! Isn't there any other show you could have put on hiatus while you take an ill-advised dip into CSI waters? Like "Jake in Progress", or something? You better pony up at least the whole season's worth of shows in the spring/summer, even if you don't bring it back next year.

"How I Met Your Mother" may be the funniest new comedy this year, even if it's not the most original ("My Name Is Earl") or daring ("The Office"). Maybe it's a generational thing, but the manufactured zings work so much more naturally than they ever did on "Will and Grace" which was always too clever by two-thirds, even before it descended into the Ninth Level of Guest Star Hell. It's the best successor to "Friends" so far, with young people you actually care about. Plus, you always have to root for Doogie!

CAVEAT 1: "The Office" actually began late last season, so it's not technically new.
CAVEAT 2: "Arrested Development", of shortened season and uncertain future, is the funniest, most original, and most daring of all comedies by far. Sigh.

Back to work. And don't worry, Honey. I'm working on your stuff, too. :-)

iPod: Idlewild shuffle.