Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Kid Blogging

The Bear wanted to have CBK Jr. fall asleep on his chest like we do, so we had them lie on the couch. CBK Jr. was a bit fidgety, so to get him to calm down, The Bear sang him a song that, apparently, he made up as he sang. It went something like this:

It's hard to be a baby turkey
They take your Mommy and Daddy away
They eat your Mommy and Daddy
They take your Mommy and Daddy away

The Bear is also discovering how to use sarcasm. He was holding a deck of Go Fish cards by putting his hand through the elastic band holding the deck together. I asked him if we were going to play Go Fish. He said "No, this is just my hand from now on."

He's a delightful, funny, and sometimes strange kid.

And here's a pic of CBK Jr. playing with one of his favorite toys/snacks.

Mmmmm! Toes!

iPod: "I'm Afraid of Everything (live)" by Braid and "Perfectly" by The Anniversary.