Friday, February 10, 2006

Baahh! Baaahhh! Bah Baahh Baahh Baahh Baahh!

That is an extremely poor, atonal rendition of the opening blares of the Olympics theme. Sorry about that, but I'm very excited about the Winter Olympics beginning today. I'm such an Olympics whore, anyway, but add downhill skiing and hockey to the mix and I gush. Figuratively, of course.

I have a major problem, though. According to this article, the Opening Ceremonies were a cheese-tastic extravaganza! And NBC is showing that tacky-ass brilliance tonight, but I won't be watching. Why not? Because Fox is retiring "Arrested Development" in a wad-shooting, four-episode block tonight. And I am NOT going to miss it. Or at least my DVR won't miss it. I'll be at a birthday party for my father-in-law at a Chuck A Rama buffet. Good times.

Everyone should watch "AD" tonight to send Fox a message that they are evil for giving a great show such an ignoble ending by putting it against one of the most watched events IN THE WORLD. What pricks! I don't really know how the Nielsen ratings system works, and maybe I should be making my plea to households that are tracked for such things, but Dammit, everyone should just watch "Arrested Development" because it's awesome, and to stick it to Fox.

You know what to do, folks.

As for Friday Kid Blogging, I don't have any pictures or movies, just an uncomfortable anecdote. This morning, while getting our 5 year old dressed (I really should give the kid a nickname, shouldn't I? How about "The Bear"?). Okay, while getting The Bear dressed for school, he looked at a copy of Rolling Stone on his floor. I had given him the magazine because it has Jimi Hendrix on the cover. He wanted it because his biological father likes Jimi, and The Bear recognized Jimi from his Other Daddy's Hendrix t-shirt. The Bear asked me if Jimi died young, and I said he did, fearing the inevitable next question: How did Jimi die? He asked that and instead of saying "I don't know" I told him as much as I thought he could handle. I told him that Jimi wasn't feeling well, he went to sleep, threw up while he was asleep, and then choked on it and died. Of course he asked how that happened, and I said Jimi was on his back, so the throw up went into his mouth and then back into his throat. Hey, better than saying he ODed on drugs, right? Lovely Wife was pretty incredulous when The Bear told her how Jimi Hendrix died (since he loves to share new things he learns), and gave me a stern look.

In the car on the way to school, The Bear also told me how one of the Beatles was killed: he walked out of his house and someone shot him with a gun. That one's Other Daddy's fault! I would never tell him the story of John Lennon's assassination. I draw the line somewhere. Parenting is quite the adventure/challenge.

Oh okay, here's a kid related picture. Lovely Wife took it when she noticed how the toys were arranged.

Who's your turtle?

From her perspective, the turtle is mounting Baby Pooh for some hot lovin'. I think it looks more like they're wrestling, and that Lovely Wife has a dirty mind. So you can blame her for corrupting me.

iPod: .Moneen. shuffle. (Yay, they're coming to Salt Lake in April!)