Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Husband of the Year

After years of Lovely Wife enduring my subtle and not-so-subtle proclamations of admiration and attraction to several famous women, I did her a solid last night while watching late night TV. I DVRed the interviews of George Clooney on Letterman and Wentworth Miller on Leno. I'm totally with her on Clooney. That is one handsome, charming man. And funny to boot. I'm not so sure about Miller. He looks kind of scrawny and young to me, but mine is not to reason why, mine is just to give the guy. Next up: a smoldering picture of David Krumholtz.

And in the news: did you hear about the rapidly falling mercury in Hell? Apparently on December 1, demons will be playing a spirited game of ice hockey on the River Styx when Oprah Winfrey appears on David Letterman. I'm sure the questions will be even more scripted than they usually are, but hopefully Dave will find a way to make it fun, and Oprah will have a sense of humor about it. Dave's much harsher on Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil goes on the show a lot.

Crazy Shopping Day is almost upon us, and thankfully we don't actually have any money this year to go hog wild during it. Phew!

That's it, I guess. I should do some work today.

iPod: Idlewild shuffle.