Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's hee-eeere!

Winter, that is. Not technically, but this morning there was thick frost on the car, and my thermometer read between 29 and 31. It's sunny and beautiful, though. Better than yesterday, windy and rainy all day. Blech! The last couple years here we've had a snow before Halloween, so winter held off a little longer this year. I actually like cold weather, so it doesn't bug me, but I've been forced inside to run now. We have a pretty good treadmill, but it was rather unsightly in the house, so I run in the garage. No TV in there, but I brought in a boom box and all was good.

I better start losing weight soon, because I'm feeling pretty fat. Not enjoying that. The running is going fine, but I'm not loving it. I used to love it. When I lived in Denver I LOVED it. While training for the marathon I merely loved it. Now I don't like it, but make myself do it.

Not much else going on. No movies seen, not even watching much TV because I'm studying for a test on Sunday. What test, you ask? Not telling, I reply. Never know who's reading. (I'm not that paranoid, but not everyone in my life knows about it, and I would hate for them to find out here.)

CBK Jr. is doing great, and usually sleeps most of the night. Lovely Wife is doing a great job handling the late-night stuff. I'm getting off pretty easy. She's staying home with the little angel, so she lets me sleep because I go to work, but I know that her days can be more exhausting than my days at the office. No issues with health, or jealousy from the big brother. Everyone is doing great. I may post a new pic of the baby soon, so look out for that.

Work is also good, no trauma there.

That's my boring, content life. Here's where you ask yourself, "Why the hell do I read this site, anyway?" I don't know, maybe because I show you stuff like this. I love the Super Mario music they used. UPDATE: and this T-shirt! It's so wrong, but so awesome. Get ready for the Holidays.

iPod: "Grace Car (live)" by Braid, "Little Volcano" by The Dead Milkmen, "Someone Take the Wheel" by The Replacements, "Country Death Song" by Violent Femmes, "Time Stand Still" by Rush, "12" by Tanya Donelly, and "Quality Revenge at Last" by Hey Mercedes.