Monday, November 21, 2005

Oh, the innocence of a 5 year old

I was using our relatively useless leaf blower this weekend while my 5 year old son was playing in the yard. As he ran past me, I pointed it at him, making the leaves swirl around him. He really enjoyed it, and after I stopped, he came up to me and yelled:

"Blow me! Blow me!"

The weekend was very good. I passed my test, the right football teams won, and some good ones lost, too, giving The Ohio State University Buckeyes a good chance at an at large bid to a BCS bowl game. Fingers crossed.

I don't know if Camo Girl will be reading this week, but I want to let her know that there will be no trash talk or condescending "good game" talk from me. The truth is I was pissed at Ohio State for most of the second half, scared shitless in the fourth quarter, and thought the game was over when Michigan had a 6 point lead with 1st and goal deep into the fourth. It was an exciting ending, but I think that the Buckeyes proved they are the better team. If it weren't for some horrible mistakes (fumbles and special teams gaffes) and two questionable penalties against Buckeye defenders in the end zone, the game would not have been nearly as close as it was. Alma mater football team won their game, and are ranked 1st in the nation for Div 1AA. Hopefully they can do better in the playoffs this year. And lastly, Reggie Bush should definitely win the Heisman this year. Vince Young is a great player who means more to his team than anyone else, but if the award goes to the best player in college football, not the most valuable player, then it has to go to Reggie. He does things people shouldn't be able to do. He's absolutely incredible.

Hockey, on the other hand, did not go well this weekend. The Bruins lost two one-goal games to bring their losing streak to six games. (Six games!!) It's very bad, and I don't know what to think. They have one win in games against division opponents. They're a much better team than their record, but something's not clicking. It's very frustrating, let me tell you.

iPod: "Spoddies and Birits" by Thanks to Gravity, "Driven to Tears" by The Police, "Featherweight" by Braid, "The Television Set Waltz" by Michael Penn, "Riot Act" by Elvis Costello, "Soon Forget" by Pearl Jam, "Last Night I Missed All The Fireworks" by Idlewild, "Summer of Drugs" by Soul Asylum, and "Frozen in Time" by Athenaeum.