Thursday, August 10, 2006

I thought they stopped this shit two years ago!

The Red Sox, I mean. They're having another August Meltdown, giving away the AL East and AL Wildcard. And of course, it's relief pitching's fault. Damn bums! Still plenty of time to right the ship and win the division, but the Damn Yankees are playing better now, the Twins are on fire, and the White Sox are a very good team. Still plenty of time to fuck it up and drop to third in the division, too.

Hey, at least football and hockey seasons are around the corner, and things are looking good for the most part. Ohio State Buckeye: ranked #1 in the pre-season coaches poll, Baby! Boston Bruins: roster overhaul with some very promising players and a new coach! Dave Lewis of Detroit Redwings fame. (How do you feel about that one, Camogirl?). Patriots: that's more of a question mark. Big losses in receivers and, of course, Adam Vinatieri. Also, they're not as deep at linebacker as they have been the last few years. The secondary, the offensive line, running back, a whole lot of uncertainty, but if injuries are low and people perform like they can, it should be a great season. I'm getting psyched.

By the way, anybody see this story? Not the most comforting thing to read while preparing for a trip to France and England next month, at the end of which we'll be flying from London to Newark. Hopefully it will all be smoothed out by then.

Also by the way, I'm curious how many of you clicked on the link to my friend Daisy's "boobs" a couple posts back. I expected more comments about, but I guess you either didn't notice the link or you were to embarrassed to admit you clicked it. C'mon, fess up! There's little to no shame. ;-)

Lastly, about my tease of ending the blog, I'm still considering it. I'll probably just post a lot more rarely, doing Friday Kid Blogging and a random "Hey there" post. Plus, I need to keep the link to the Brain Squeeze up. Can't end that! We'll see, I guess. Thanks so much for all your nice comments about the blog, though. "You really like me!"

iPod: "Spangle" by Jimmy Eat World, "Getting Even" by Guster, "Kickstand" by Soundgarden, "Broon's Bane (live) by Rush, and "Waltz #1" by Elliott Smith.