Monday, August 07, 2006

Playing Catch-Up in Pictures

Sorry for the recent silence. I was traveling last week and am still pretty busy. Here are the photo highlights of the last week or so (warning: pics are of varying quality):

While in Calgary I dined with the Incomparable JuicyA and her esteemed hockey-phile boyfriend Jer. We ate barbecue at a place called Bookers, and it was GOOOOOOD. We got the Meaty Platter, which is a bunch of ribs and chicken with corn, muffins, coleslaw and jambalaya served on a garbage can lid.

Mmmm, Meaty Platter.

We also had a bucket in which to throw the bones.

The Bony Bucket.

We talked about much more than hockey, and it was a good time. But I will say this: have you ever wondered why some people can be so annoying and gabby sometimes, and then notice yourself being annoying and gabby? I'm not sure Jer liked me all that much, and I don't blame him. Sometimes I get on a roll and don't realize how trying I can be in conversation. But don't let that discourage you from meeting me. It's not a regular thing (I hope).

On Friday night the family and I went camping. It was the first time we went by ourselves, not with extended family members who know more about camping. Here is the tent we struggled to put up:

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In our defense, the instructions were just plain wrong. That doesn't explain our inadequate supply of firewood, or difficulty starting and maintaining a fire, or my inability to light a gas lantern. We got dinner and S'mores cooked, though, so all was well... until we went to bed. We were up in the mountains in a nice quiet spot. However, there were some houses up on a hillside not too far away and one of the houses hosted a VERY LOUD techno rave from about midnight to 4:30. Damn, it was loud, and kept LW and I awake most of the night. We found the local sheriff's number at the restrooms and called at about 4. They had already received a call and had some officers en route, and finally at about 4:30 the incessant beats and beeps stopped. It was very surreal. The music was echoing over the canyon and sounded like it was coming from the next campsite over. Needless to say, we woke up the next morning not feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated.

Mother Nature rewarded our suffering, though, with a visit from this nice moose right by our campsite:


If some other campers hadn't called over to tell us he was coming, he would have just burst through the bushes and scared the crap out of us. But he was a nice moose and was just snacking on some leaves. Lots of other campers came to our site to have a look. We were famous.

And on Sunday, I went to good ol' Walmart to buy some boxer shorts and saw this from the parking lot before I went in:

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It was actually a lot more vivid, but the camera didn't capture that.

Once inside I stumbled upon this VERY disturbing product in the "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" section:

My eyes!!!

Seriously, a string version?!?! That's just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Lastly, my lack of frequent and/or interesting content over the past few weeks has been atrociously apparent, I'm afraid, and it's led me to a kind of blogging existential crisis. Do I really have it in me to keep doing this? I'm not sure, but I'm not making a decision about it right now. If you want to beg me to keep writing, feel free to do so in the comments, but I don't suspect that such pleas will have that much bearing on my which way I go. They will only be smooth, pleasurable strokes to my ego, which obviously have their own intrinsic value.