Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Someone Said Your Name

I've become so lazy and uninspired I've turned to the "use a song title as post title" tactic. Unless I can think of something interesting to say, and a correspondingly interesting title, I'll do the song thing, probably what ever's on the ol' iPod. Right now it's a song by Thanks to Gravity.

Here in Utah we get two July day-off holidays: July 4th and July 24th, also known as Pioneer Day. It commemorates when the Mormon pioneers trudged over the Wasatch Front, put down their handcarts and declared the Salt Lake Valley their Zion in the wilderness. They do fireworks and a parade just like July 4th. The Family and I always go to a cool fireworks show in a town north of us called Bountiful, and we do the parade on Monday morning. The holiday doesn't mean much to me, having only been in the state for almost 4 years, but I like the day off part. It's also kind of interesting to think of the journey the Mormons had crossing the plains and mountains. That must have been pretty hard. So that's the kind of stuff I did on my long weekend.

Not much is exciting me lately. I'm a slave to summer TV, now that the networks have wised up and put entertaining things on. Despite the original casting fiasco, I'm still watching Last Comic Standing. The voting public is getting things right, it appears. We also watch Hell's Kitchen, Treasure Hunters, So You Think You Can Dance, and Master of Champions. We tried to give America Has Talent a chance, but it was ridiculously stupid. The format and judges on Master of Champions aren't much better, but the acts are pretty cool. And of course, I'm watching The World Series of Pop Culture. I've been meaning to email them to try and get on the next edition of the show, and maybe I'll actually do it today. As for my blogger-themed team, several have expressed interest. We'll have to come up with some kind of try-out to see who gets on the team. I've already got a kick-ass name, which I'm not going to reveal for fear of it being stolen.

Work is boring, I haven't been studying for a test I'm planning on taking this Fall, no sports events are worth following until August. All I'm really excited about is the trip to Europe Lovely Wife and I are taking in September. It will be our honeymoon, which we haven't been able to take yet (we'll have our second anniversary this October). We're going to Paris and London. I've been to Paris several times, and London once. LW hasn't ever been to either. We're both excited doing the planning. Right now I'm trying to work out a day trip to see some Loire Valley castles. We'll rent a car and drive out to them. That idea kind of freaks out LW, but it really excites me. Most of the drive will be on the French Autoroutes, so it won't be that tough or scary.

So that's my catch-up spew for now. Hopefully there'll be something else to talk about in subsequent days. In the mean time, I recommend you all go to and go to the page for their Subterranean show. Scroll through the videos they have on that show's page and watch "Sugarcube" by Yo La Tengo. I'd link it, put I'm too lazy right now. Don't worry, it will be worth the effort of finding it.

Have a great day, everyone!

iPod: "Softer" by Jimmy Eat World, "Frame and Canvas (live) by Braid, "Now I'm Exhausted" by Braid, "For Holly" by The City on Film, "Twenty-Points' by Buffalo Tom, "Love/Hate" by Liz Phair, "Hart Crane" by The Anniversary.